22 February 2013

My New Book 'Stealing Cars With The Pros' Now Available At Amazon.com

Got home today to find this waiting for me. It's a collection (published, like my noirish Maui novels, by Event Horizon Press) of some of my noir-themed pieces of journalism dating back to early 1996, when I first decided to become a reporter. It's organized by theme - misfits, rich people, cops/crooks, babes, etc. - and includes work from OC Weekly, Sacramento magazine and MauiTime. The title comes from a story I wrote years ago about a night I spent with some repo guys in Orange County.

What's more, my good friend and former colleague Nick Schou (who is now OC Weekly's managing editor and author of a few far better books, including Kill the Messenger, which will soon be made into a movie starring Jeremy Renner) agreed to write the book's foreword. Now I don't read a lot of forewords, and honestly only very recently learned how to spell "foreword," but I'm pretty sure that if in the world of forewords, Nick's kicks ass.

So... yeah. Long story short, I wrote another book, which I would very much like you to buy, read and enjoy. The book is available right now in paperback ($14.95) at Amazon.com, which you can find here.

That's all for now.

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Kelly von Hemert said...

Congrats, Anthony! So awesome! Can't wait to get my mitts on a copy!